Hearing Aids

What to Expect from Hearing Aids

The amount of benefit from hearing aids can vary greatly from person to person and in different listening situations. Having realistic expectations about what your hearing aids can and cannot do for you is crucial for your success and satisfaction with them.

What to expect from hearing aids:

  • Substantially improved speech understanding in quiet situations
  • Somewhat improved speech understanding in noisy situations
  • Loud sounds (e.g. door slamming) should be tolerable
  • Hearing aids should fit comfortably
  • Background sounds (e.g. paper rustling, refrigerator running) may be more distracting
  • You own voice may sound louder, hollow, or booming, but should be tolerable
  • You should not have feedback (whistling) when the hearing aids are in your ears
  • It takes TIME to get used to hearing aids

What NOT to expect from hearing aids:

  • Don’t expect to hear perfectly in every situation
  • Don’t expect to easily understand speech spoken from another room or in very noisy environments
  • Hearing aids cannot restore normal hearing; no matter how advanced the hearing aid, amplified sound must still be processed by an impaired hearing system

Overall, hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to what it used to be. However, with a well-fitted hearing aid, a bit of patience, and good communication with a hearing health professional, most people will notice an improvement in speech understanding in everyday life.