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Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often develops gradually, sometimes over many years. Because of this, people with hearing loss don’t often notice a problem, even though friends and family may be aware of it. Listed below are some common signs of hearing loss that you or a loved one may have noticed.

You might have a hearing loss if you…

  • frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • say “pardon me?” or “what?” a lot
  • have difficulty hearing in noisy places such as restaurants or parties
  • think that other people are mumbling
  • have been told that the tv or radio is too loud
  • have more trouble hearing women and children’s voices
  • have ringing in your ears
  • favour one ear over the other
  • family or friends have commented that you have hearing difficulty

If any of these sound familiar to you, you may want to consider having your hearing tested by an audiologist, a university-trained professional who specializes in hearing and hearing loss difficulties.

To help you understand the negative impact that a hearing loss may be having in your life, click the link below to complete an online Quick Hearing Check (from the Better Hearing Institute,

The Quick Hearing Check is not a substitute for a professional hearing test performed by an audiologist. It is designed to help you decide whether you should have your hearing tested by an audiologist.

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