Clinicians embrace remote connectivity for quick adjustments

Clinicians are using the power of connectivity in hearing instruments to allow for adjustments and performance enhancements, all from the comfort of your home.

Hearing Aid Users to Benefit from Digital After Care

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This technology is built-in to most modern hearing instruments and uses the power of the internet and Bluetooth to connect securely to your hearing aids via your smart phone or tablet.

Once configured, the hearing aid user and clinician set up an appointment for a remote call.  The user will initiate the session and await the arrival of the clinician. Then the video chat can occur while the clinician makes necessary adjustments to your devices.  Once satisfied, the clinician ends the connection to the aids and ends the call.

This technology is used as a means to help those clients who may have a difficult time arranging transportation or other health restrictions/concerns.

For some the technology is daunting at first, but manufacturers are working hard to make this as simple as possible for one and all.  Our staff can help with the configuration and set up.  Once done, you simply have to answer our call.

This technology provides a convenient alternative for minor adjustments. However, troubleshooting, fit/feedback issues, and regular maintenance and support of the device must still be done in-office.   

As always, to learn more, contact our office at 613-916-6111.  We'll be glad to help!