Clients are advised to be cautious when removing masks or eyeglasses

Today, the majority of hearing instruments being dispensed are the over-the-ear style.  These discrete and highly advanced devices are extremely popular with all types of users.  However, some clients who also wear glasses can attest that there can be challenges in making room for both the aid and the arm of the glasses behind the ear.

Clients should take extra caution when removing masks to ensure that the aids are not caught in the strap of the mask, as shown.

The elastic bands have been known to dislodge the aid from the ear and can send it flying quite a distance from the user.  This makes recovery all the more challenging.

What to do if You Find a Hearing Aid

Anyone who may find a hearing instrument can drop it off at any hearing aid clinic.  Within minutes, due to serialization of the device, we can identify the owner and the distributing clinic. We then contact the clinic to advise them of the found aid so that they may call the client and advise them.

This knowledge can benefit many.  Please share this information and let people know how they can help.