This week, Bernafon has launched an expansion to their Zerena product line.  Our Ottawa clients looking for the latest in hearing technology will be glad to hear that these aids are now available in all technology levels and styles.  Whether you need an entry level or a robust hearing instrument, in-the-ear or over-the-ear, Bernafon had made all options available.


These aids are equipped with 2.4Ghz Bluetooth in almost every size. This allows for direct streaming of phone calls and music through the hearing aids.  It is also capable of use with the smartphone control apps.  However, it is the DECS, or Dynamic Environment Control System, which works instantaneously and seamlessly in virtually all listening situations that they are most proud of.  This system can analyze 32,000 data points per second.  This ensures that despite the environmental conditions, your instruments will precisely reduce noise without adversely affecting speech understanding.

Expanded options

The Zerena product line has been available for for the last year, however it was only in over-the-ear styles and limited to the top three (5, 7, and 9) levels of technology.  Now with the addition of Zerena 1 and 3 client will have more options to chose from. The main difference in technology levels, with any instrument, is the performance in complex listening environments and the number of features available for adjustment.


With the addition of a custom product line, the portfolio is truly now complete.  Many clients still prefer an in-the-ear style.  Having the full range of features offered in this style of aid greatly increases the options for ensuring success for the user.  As I have often said to my clients “the only aid that can help your hearing is the one you are willing to wear.”

When it comes to a custom fit hearing aid, my experience has been that Bernafon, out of their facility in southern Ontario, produces some of the best fitting and smallest custom hearing instruments on the market.

So, whatever you hearing loss needs and/or budget requirements Bernafon now has a solution for you in the Zerena family.

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