New Products

Phonak – Life is on

Being able to fully participate in conversations is like a spark of light in the dark. When you can hear and understand conversations around you, it can illuminate your entire world.

This is where Phonak Audéo Lumity really shines. It focuses on giving you improved speech understanding with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology. Now you can enjoy conversations in many challenging listening situations – like hearing the quiet talking barista in your favorite coffee shop. Get ready for an enlightening listening experience and shine with Lumity.

The Phonak Lumity allows for:

  • Universal Connectivity
  • Tap Control for Phone Calls
  • myPhonak application connectivity (change programs, control volume).
  • Also available in the Life format, Phonak’s second generation of the world’s first waterproof (up to 50cm) rechargeable hearing aid.

Oticon – life-changing technology

Giving your brain more to work with. That’s because Oticon Real is different. It gives you better access to your full sound scene using technology that supports how your brain naturally works. Because your hearing matters when it comes to being at your best.

A rich, nuanced , full-sound experience. To give you back the real sounds of life, Oticon Real embodies our BrainHearing™ philosophy. This means it supports your brain by giving it access to all relevant sounds around you – unlike traditional hearing aids. Because research tells us the brain needs access to the full sound scene to naturally make sense of sounds.*

Oticon Real offers:

  • Hands-free calls from iPhone and iPad*
  • Stream directly from iPhone and Android™ (select Android devices)
  • Stream sound from your TV.
  • Connect to a remote microphone.
  • Control your hearing aids at your fingertips with the Oticon Companion app.  

*O’Sullivan, J., et al. (2019); Hausfeld, L., et al. (2018); Puvvada, K. C. & Simon, J, Z. (2017)

** Looking for a custom option instead? Oticon offers Oticon Own, a ground-breaking technology built on BrainHearing. Give us a call today at 613-916-6111, to find out more.

Signia Intergrated Xperience

Signia Intergrated Xperience is built from the ground up with conversation in mind. It is powered by revolutionary technology that helps you get involved and keep up with the conversation, no matter how busy it gets.

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement, your hearing aids can now enhance and follow multiple conversation partners simultaneously, even as they move or you turn your head.

Signia also offers the Silk Charge&Go IX. Comfortable and discreet, this tiny hearing aid provides the convenience of on-the-go rechargeability. It is packed with advanced sound features to support you in any environment, including its unique Binaural OneMic Directionality, which offers unmatched conversation support in noisy environments for a hearing aid of its size.  

Call us today at 613-916-6111, if you wish to try one of these great products