We at Findlay Creek Hearing Care focus on more than just hearing aids.  We have been working with WSIB, DVA and ODSP for decades.  Every time they change their processes it can be daunting for some clients.

Rest assured we have an in-depth understanding of the new requirements and will walk you through every step.

In simplified terms, this is what it means for clients:

DVA clients finally have access to better technology.

WSIB client can expect a simpler process with less paperwork.

ODSP has standardized across the province and this means no more running around asking for multiple quotes.

Regardless of your coverage, we can walk you through step by step.

If you or someone you know is unsure about their possible coverage, then call us today to book an evaluation to get the process started.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have worked in noise, you need to have a hearing test, preferably before you turn 60, to protect you eligibility.  Call us today to get complete details.