Oticon, a Willam Demant Holdings company, has launched the next layer of products under the OPN platform.

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Launched in June the OPN1, a tier 1 product, has been a game-changer for speech understanding in noise and for its clarity in all situations.

The two new products are tier 2 and 3 products, which means they are more cost effective than the full featured OPN1, but share many processing benefits of their big brother.

The Opn line of hearing aids sports the fastest chip ever for Oticon allowing the instrument to no longer depend on directional microphones in noisier situation and allow the key sound information the brain needs to process environmental sounds more naturally. The result is that clients hear the cues necessary to better pick out the sounds they want to hear.

These instruments, similar to the OPN1, are directly compatible with iPhone 5 and newer.  This means you can stream your music or movies through your hearing aids wirelessly.

We still are awaiting the arrival of the Connect Clip to make these OPN hearing aids once again legal for hands free driving.  Expect that in the spring of 2017.