Oticon Delta

Over the years hearing instrument technology has evolved as components have gotten smaller, all greatly benefiting the hearing aid wearer.  In 2006, with the introduction of the Delta, Oticon revolutionized the industry.  The Delta was the world’s first receiver-in-canal hearing aid system.  It meant, for the large population of hearing loss patients with high frequency hearing loss, they had an option truly designed for them.  

The concept was to “float” the receiver (speaker) in the canal using a soft silicone based, perforated dome to hold it in place.  This allowed the canal to remain open, thus allowing the low frequencies which the client could hear naturally to enter the ear normally.  The speaker would simply introduce the mid to high frequencies the client was lacking to fill in the sound more efficiently.

Since then, like Chrysler in the 80's with the mini-van, all manufacturers launched a version of the style to compete.  Further innovations included the ability to change the receiver (speaker) for a strong power level.  Today you can have the same hearing aid starting with the standard 45dB rec up to a high power 75dB.  This means that if your hearing were to deteriorate, we’d simply have to swap out the speaker for a more powerful one and reprogram the aid – instead of having to buy a whole new aid!

With multiple receiver tip dome options, soft and hard custom fit molds, ease of in-house repair and maintenance, available IP57 (water and dust proof rating), Bluetooth connectivity, and so much more, it is no wonder this style of instrument remains the cornerstone of hearing aid sales today.