Oticon, one of the worlds leading manufacturer of hearing aids, is at it again.  They have a long history of research and development that have been truly ground breaking.  With they're latest launch of OPN they have once again set the benchmark for others to follow.

OPN is proven to provide 20% reduction in listening effort which conserves your energy to enable a 20% improvement in memory and an overall 30% improvement in speech understanding compared to its own premium, previous-generation, hearing aid.

The key to the capabilities of Oticon Opn lies in the new Velox platform. The Velox chip, developed in-house at Oticon, processes sound 50 times faster than ever before, (compared to the Inium chip, previously used) in 64 frequency channels, making it fast and precise enough to support the brain.  Using ultra-fast noise reduction, Velox ensures the soundscape can be kept open, even in complex environments, and still significantly improve speech understanding.

This means that Oticon has done away with the industry standard of directional microphones in favor of an omni-directional system.  It uses the speed of Velox to reduce noise, even between syllables, analyze voice patterns, their direction and intensity in order to support listening queues necessary for distinguishing the sounds you want to listen to.

Oticon didn’t stop there. Now with Velox, they have created the world’s first dual

communication system hearing aid.  Oticon Opn features one dedicated communication system (based of near field magnetic induction – NFMI) for outstanding binaural processing and one for connectivity (2.4 Ghz)with electronic devices.  A more than a 200% increase in capacity* makes binaural processing better than ever, while powerful 2.4 GHz direct streaming ensures easy connectivity with audio devices and fantastic stereo sound. This means NO STREAMING NECKLOOP is required!!  However, this also means this system is no long considered legal as a hands-free device.  You are still required to dial, accept/reject calls, and hold the phone within proximity for use of the microphone.  Coming in 2017 is the ConnectClip which will remedy this problem.

All of this is made possible without compromising size and battery efficiency.

We are currently testing this new device and so far, it is very impressive.  Even in a noisy environment such as a wedding reception the instrument performed incredibly.

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