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A Family Affair

Findlay Creek Hearing Care Clinic is privately owned and truly independent. Being Family run allows us to provide quality hearing care to Ottawa families at affordable prices.  Independence means we support all makes and models of hearing aids. Giving us the freedom to focus on your needs.

  • No hidden fees.
  • No over-pricing.
  • No commission sales.
  • No manufacturer bias.

Just quality products with service for LIFE on all devices.

If you live in the Ottawa area please visit Roger, Shelley and Scott for all your hearing concerns.

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Your Hearing

To understand hearing loss, we must first understand how hearing works.

Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids are smaller, use more sophisticated sound processing, and come in attractive modern designs.

Hearing Loss Prevention

Noise exposure is one of the most common, and most preventable, causes of hearing loss.

Industry News

Keep up to date with new innovations that could help your hearing condition.

New from Phonak! Audeo B-Direct – The future is here!

Introducing Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct hearing aids that easily connect to your cell phone* and your TV.   Phonaks proprietary technology powers hearing aids that can adapt to a variety of sound environments automatically.  With Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct, they have...

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This is a question that has plagued patients for decades.  Most clients in Ottawa looking for hearing aids rely on their hearing professional to guide them.  The problem is that some biases may exist as manufacturers indirectly own or otherwise support clinics. This...

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Oticon Opn is winning big!

Oticon Opn has been on a roll.  If you live in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario area and are looking for the best hearing aids to suite your needs, then we may have the solution you’ve been looking for. Earlier this year we talked about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)...

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Oticon Opn™ Named 2017 Edison Award Finalist

Somerset, NJ 13 February 2017 Oticon Opn, the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid, has been named a 2017 Edison Awards™ Finalist in the Health & Wellness category. The international awards competition, inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and...

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New Discrete CIC with Open-fit Option from Signia

Sivantos has been on a roll with new product launches this month.  The latest is SILK. This is a small completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing instrument that is fit using a generic click sleeve. The sleeve is made of a soft material and comes in a variety of sizes to fit...

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What our clients are saying about Findlay Creek Hearing Care Clinic

Robert from Finch, ON

“On a scale of one to ten — well about a fifteen—great go-out-of-your-way service…”

Olivia via email

“My girl scout troop and I wanted to say thank you for your (Useful Links) page.  One of the girls in our troop has a younger brother who has gone deaf and the other mothers and I thought it would be nice to help the girls understand what the means and how we can help!  While doing research, my troop found your resources to be so helpful while they are working very hard to learn more about this!  Thanks so much!”

Dave from Brockville

“(My new hearing aids) have been able to substantially reduce this background noise to the point that while certainly aware of it as anyone would be, it is now possible to ignore it” “Properly programmed by your hearing professional, as mine are, I think anyone would certainly appreciate the benefits of this new (technology)”

Stefan from Ottawa

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at the Findlay Creek Hearing Care Clinic for your continuing exemplary service and care.  Everyone was not only more than competent and professional, but also receptive to my concerns throughout the entire process”

Murray from Ottawa

“Very Friendly and helpful staff. I have found them second to none in the almost 10 years I have known Roger. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time.”

Bev from Ottawa

“Wonderful service. FCHCC worked to find a solution for our mothers' hearing problems. Your staff are the best. Thanks for giving her back her hearing. She is so pleased to be able to hear to hear so well again!”

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